Services Offered

Individual and Couples' Nutrition Counseling for:

Food Sensitivities, Intolerance & Allergies

  • Includes Mediator Release Testing (MRT) for Food Sensitivities
  • Checking your supplements and medications for possible interactions
  • Checking the inactive ingredients in your supplements/medications for possible sensitivities

Medical Conditions

  • IBS, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Multiple Sclerosis, Auto-Immune Conditions
  • High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, High or Low Blood Sugar
  • Work with your primary care medical provider or therapist in a team approach to whole-person care

LEAP Program

The LEAP diet is called an ImmunoCalm Nutrition Program and with it, a specially trained Registered Dietitian can help you to reduce or eliminate symptoms due to food or chemical sensitivities, have a healthier lifestyle, well-balanced nutrition and optimum performance. 

LEAP has helped thousands of individuals with food and chemical sensitivities quickly and substantially improve. Some individuals have found they can successfully eliminate chronic health problems when they follow their LEAP diet. If your symptoms are related to your diet, then you need a dietary approach to address these symptoms.

Our Immune Boosting Program

Spend an hour with your dietitian discussing a holistic perspective on how to improve your immune system. This is a multi-faceted approach and you will receive a take-home booklet and personalized plan to improve your immune system over time.

Our "True to You"
Healthy Fit Program

At Custom Fit Nutrition, we believe each person is unique. No one-size-fits-all program is going to be a success for every body. You are a unique individual with your own set of likes, dislikes, experiences and body type, and your plan should reflect that.

We believe that your overall health is the most important matter we can help you address. For your long-term success, your approach must be a lifestyle change and not a "diet".

5 Core Principles:

  • Adequate Hydration for Your Body Type
  • Quality Nutrition for Your Body Type: Whole Foods Based Eating
  • Planned & Playful Physical Activity
  • Mindful Eating
  • Stress & Lifestyle Management

Our "True to You" program includes your choice of a 6 week program with 6 weekly full hour sessions or a 12 to 18 week program where the first 6 sessions are one hour long each and the final 6 sessions are a half hour long each, all with your Registered Dietitian.

Corporate Lunchtime
Wellness Talks

  • We are available to provide an informative and enjoyable presentation to you and your co-workers that will give you insights for healthier and more productive lives.