Insurance Information

We are preferred providers with the following major insurance companies:

insurance for custom fit nutrition
  • Aetna

  • Cigna

  • First Choice Health Network

  • Humana

  • Lifewise Health Plan of Washington

  • PacifiCare

  • Premera Blue Cross

  • Regence Blue Shield

We are considered an out-of-network provider for other insurance companies not listed here.  If you plan to use insurance benefits, please check with your insurance company for coverage under procedure code 97802 (nutrition counseling). If you prefer to pay in full at the time of service, a "Prompt Pay" discount can be offered. Contact us for details.

Packages & Pricing

*These package prices include our “Prompt Pay” discount, assuming you don’t have insurance coverage.
To determine insurance coverage, please contact our Practice Manager.


True to You Healthy Fit Program

Basic TTY Package

Includes initial assessment/health history visit for 60 to 90 minutes, 5 more 60-minute visits, one to occur each week, all with a Registered Dietitian, and booklet plus deluxe stainless steel water bottle.  $795.00

Deluxe TTY Package

Includes Basic Package plus six (6) extra 30-minute visits, one per week, all with a Registered Dietitian.  $1195.00

*Bring a Fitness Buddy! – Save $50 per person, either package, when both pay for individual packages.


One (1) 60-minute consultation with a Registered Dietitian plus booklet to discuss how to boost your immune system, aside from food sensitivities. $150.00 

Three Visit Package Deal

Health subject of your choice, three (3) 60-minute consultations with a Registered Dietitian  $420.00
when paid at time of booking.


Food Sensitivity Packages


A more generalized approach, not requiring a blood test, to determine food sensitivities, which may also help with weight loss. Included with your first visit, a menu is determined based on our (trademarked) SWAGGER method and your preferences. Not as quick and accurate as the MRT blood test but a good second approach if budget is limited. May be combined with insurance-covered visits or our basic visit package. Minimum of two full-hour visits required, if no insurance coverage, $150.00 per visit. More visits recommended to truly determine food sensitivities (see Three Visit Package Deal).

Basic MRT Package

Includes initial 30 minute assessment/health history, Mediator Release Test (MRT) blood test for food sensitivities, booklet and ancillary materials, and three (3) 60-minute consults with a Registered Dietitian for the LEAP dietary program after the results are in.  $895.00

Deluxe MRT Package

Includes Basic Package plus one (1) 60-minute grocery store tour, a Custom Quick Eats Fit Kit (15 meals) tailored to your results, four (4) 30-minute phone calls with your Registered Dietitian, one to occur each phase of the LEAP dietary protocol, and one (1) 60-minute consultation to go over how to boost the immune system.  $1595.00

VIP MRT Package

Includes Deluxe Package plus one extra Custom Quick Eats Fit Kit (total of 30 meals) and one extra 30-minute phone call with your Registered Dietitian during the rotation phase of the LEAP dietary protocol for a total of 5.  $1795.00