Client Success Stories


At Custom Fit Nutrition, we evaluate each client and create a "custom fit" plan to help them become healthier and more fit. See below to learn how some of our their clients have had their lives transformed by our services.

MS Not Detectable Anymore

July 2011 – Diagnosed with severe MS. I already had 16 lesions on my brain when diagnosed.
June 2012 – Started the LEAP program. I followed this program very strict for 6 months. This was the most important step, as my gut healed in this time. The LEAP program focuses a lot on food sensitivity, but in my case it was more about healing the gut.
At my last visit to the neurologist he called it ‘astonishing’ and that he has never seen a case like mine. Since 2012 the disease simply disappeared. - Pierre B.  Namibia, 2015      READ MORE >>

Better Health

.... I quickly figured out that I couldn't do it alone. I talked with my doctor and he recommended I see a nutritionist if I was really serious. This led to meeting Joy Supplee (now Joy Moorehead) at Custom Fit Nutrition and the Lifestyle Eating and Performance (LEAP) program. Joy really gave me an education. I never realized how impactful food sensitivities were to my overall health. Nine months later in September of 2013, at 47 years old I'm feeling better than I have since I was in my mid-20s.... - Jim M.   Seattle, WA      READ MORE >>

Resolving long-standing medical problems

I personally think your services were most definitely medically necessary as evidenced by my success in getting off anti-depressant medication that I've been on for 15 years, without a recurrence of generalized anxiety symptoms. That, and the reduction in by IBS symptoms, prove that the testing and your assistance in following the program, have helped to resolve several long-standing medical problems. - Carole M.   Maple Valley, WA

Restoring a Normal Life to a Teenager

.... Disregarding several doctors’ firm stand that food could not possibly be a contributing factor in Mandy’s mystifying condition we made an appointment with a naturopath to consider possible food allergies. Reviewing the test results, Mandy was placed on a special gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free diet, as well as many supplements. We saw improvement – enough for Mandy to attend school a few days a week – but the seizures continued and she had little remaining energy for homework or anything else. Most days were still primarily consumed with sleep. This routine became the new normal, but it wasn’t the life I envisioned for my daughter. 
Two and a half years from the onset, still searching for relief, our primary care physician recommended Mandy see a local dietitian, Joy Supplee (now Joy Moorehead). Joy reviewed Mandy’s medical history and ordered the Mediator Release Test (MRT). With the MRT results in hand, Joy patiently coached Mandy on the various aspects of her specific “safe” and “unsafe” foods, eliminating all but the least reactive foods for the first week. She helped set up a plan for reintroduction and rotation of higher reactive foods to prevent future adverse reactions.... - Heather C.   Maple Valley, WA      READ MORE >>

Freedom from Harmful Foods

Normal digestion, no acid reflux, normal elimination, lower blood pressure, clarity of thought, enthusiasm of life restored, hair and nails grew back, renewed energy, aware of what I eat, weight loss, comprehension has improved, enjoying new foods, free from harmful foods. - Barb P.   Mercer Island, WA


I started seeing Rebecca Oosterhout, RD (registered dietitian) to work toward helping out autoimmune issue and she was really helpful. I began the process over six months ago and am still committed to the foods! Had the MRT blood test and follow the LEAP diet protocol. I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone trying to remove "trigger foods" from the diet, to remove foods that are personally inflammatory - the blood test helps figure it out and the R.D. guides me through the process. Couldn't have done it without her. My system way calmed down, the weight loss has been a side-benefit. People keep telling me how young I look -- I really think it's because I'm eating the right food for my body. - Susie K.   Maple Valley, WA


"I was diagnosed with gastroparesis last spring. When I came in to see Rebecca at Custom Fit Nutrition - I was so sick that I could drive myself in. I was very discouraged because I couldn't even drink water without my stomach hurting. I felt nauseated most of the time and I was barely able to eat anything. After the blood test results came back, Rebecca started me out on certain foods that were "safe" for me. As I followed the diet, I felt stronger and had less pain and nausea. As more time went on, I was able to eat more and more foods and I felt more energetic than I had felt in years. I'm still not out of the woods, but I am doing SO much better and I believe I will still continue to improve. I really appreciate Rebecca's knowledge and kindness when I was feeling so sick. She helped me greatly." - Loye R.   Maple Valley, WA


CUSTOM FIT NUTRITION truly lives up to its name. My frustration with weight gain, allergies, sinus issues, thyroid issues, sleepless nights, low energy brought me to tears daily.  After doctor’s visits going nowhere, but a lot of prescription medicine that did not work, I decided to give CUSTOM FIT a try! After meeting with Rebecca at Custom Fit, I felt excited and enthusiastic when I left her office. She truly understood my needs as a patient and shared with me that she will exhaust all of her resources in order to make it a right FIT for me. When my records arrived, she carefully shared with me what needs to happen during each PHASE. Well, I have been on Weight Watchers, Food lovers and a lot of other weight plans, so planning meals on Sundays for the upcoming week with foods that are good for my body would not be very exciting for me. Please note that the first week was tough because I was detoxing, but by Week 2, I noticed that I did not have to use a box of Kleenex a day for the sinus issue, but just a couple of sheet per day. Also,within 4 weeks, I dropped 13.5 lbs. I am now sleeping comfortably too. I just want to thank Rebecca and CUSTOM FIT for taking care of me. So far, I have referred 5 people to you! Thanks CUSTOM FIT! I don’t know what I would have done otherwise. You are the best!” - Dr. Sarah L.   Maple Valley, WA

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